Virtual Desktops

Are you considering virtual desktops? If so, you’re probably ensnarled in licensing headaches. So are a lot of organizations. Virtual desktops represent a powerful new desktop platform with a variety of benefits. However, as is often the case with emerging technologies…industry is playing catch up.

Here’s what customers are telling us:

1. I have asked three vendors and gotten three different answers to my licensing questions. “I don’t think that anyone fully understands the licensing.”
2. I rolled out a VDI pilot, the users love it and now I’m going to cancel it. I didn’t understand the VECD licensing and now realize that it’s much more expensive than I thought.
3. My vendor told me that VECD licensing is device based. Do I need a license for every device that a user will utilize? Office desktop, home desktop, etc.

It’s a lot to navigate. Accelera can’t make the costs disappear, but we’re one of the only companies that know what you’re facing. Use us as a neutral arbiter for cost/benefit analysis. Use us to demystify the licensing morass presented by Microsoft. Use us to help you think through the solution. We’re good at it.

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